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Free Champion Rotation, Week of October 24th

The free to play champion rotation for this week features Cho'Gath, Ezreal, Garen, Gnar, Heimerdinger, Illaoi, Jinx, Karthus, Mordekaiser, Shaco, Sion, Swain, Twisted Fate, and Zilean.Continue readin...

Champion & Skin Sale 10/24 - 10/27

A new 50% off champ & skin sale starts soon! October 24th thru October 27th you can snag Risen Fiddlesticks for 675 RP, Pentakill Yorick for 487 RP, Wicked Lulu for 487 RP, French Maid Nidalee for 260...


Late in the 7.21 cycle, a  bubbly new ASLEEP & DROWSY in-game teaser has appeared on the PBE!Continue reading for more information!A new teaser has surfaced on the PBE! At the start of a game on the P...

Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: 10/20, 2017 All-Star Vote, & More

Today's red post includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for October 20th, including thoughts on Zac, Evelynn's homeguard animation and more, as well as how to vote for your favorites for All-Stars...

Two New Blitzcrank Skins Coming soon

Red Post Collection: Ask Riot: Preseason Edition, Volume 2, A Rather Spooky Vaulting of Skins, & More!

10/19 PBE Update: 7.21 Reverted Changes Listing

Champion & Skin Sale 10/20 - 10/23

10/18 PBE Update

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The Future of LoLPortal

On the future of LoLPortal.

Announcing the LoLPortal pro player database!

We've recently released the initial version of LoLPortal's pro player database! Check it out here.

State of Competitive League #2: January 9, 2013

Happy belated holidays, everyone! With the winter break over, the pre-season for season 3 has swung back into action, with many major and minor tournaments across all 3 continents scheduled for January. This is the second in a regular installment of a look around the landscape of the top teams in our world rankings.