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Colorful Champion Teaser

A teaser is now out on social media, showing off art of Ahri, Nunu, and Darius with some colorful additions!Continue reading for a closer look!Champion TeaserTranslated from LoL BR Tweet:"Curious scen...

Red Post Collection: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor, Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Nov 14 & 16, & More

Today's red post collection includes details on end of season rewards and Honor, Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for November 14th & 16th, this week's Ask Riot, and more!Continue reading for more in...

Program Skins now available!

"Time to make an appearance." - Program LeBlanc and Nami as well as new sets of chroma for each are now available!Continue reading for more information!Table of ContentsRelease AnnouncementNew SkinsPr...

Champion & Skin Sale 11/16 - 11/19

[Recent News: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor / Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14]A new 50% off champ & skin sale starts soon! November 16th thru November 19th you can snag Mafia Miss Fortune ...

11/14 PBE Update: Eclipse Leona Login Theme

11/13 PBE Update: All-Star 2018 Login Theme

Preseason 2019 Hub in client

11/12 PBE Update: Tentative Balance Changes

Free Champion Rotation, Week of November 13th

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The Future of LoLPortal

On the future of LoLPortal.

Announcing the LoLPortal pro player database!

We've recently released the initial version of LoLPortal's pro player database! Check it out here.

State of Competitive League #2: January 9, 2013

Happy belated holidays, everyone! With the winter break over, the pre-season for season 3 has swung back into action, with many major and minor tournaments across all 3 continents scheduled for January. This is the second in a regular installment of a look around the landscape of the top teams in our world rankings.